Available Ice


If you would like to rent any of the available ice below email info@eastselkirk.net.

DateTimeIce Slot Length
Saturday March 4,201711:15am1hr
Saturday March 4,201712:30pm1hr
Saturday March 4,20171:45pm1hr
Sunday March 5,20175:30pm1hr
Wednesday March 8,20175:45pm1hr
Thursday March 9,20175:45pm1hr
Friday March 10, 20176:15pm1hr
Friday March 10, 20177:30pm1hr
Saturday March 11,201711:15am1hr
Saturday March 11,201712:30pm1hr
Saturday March 11,20174:15pm1hr
Sunday March 12,201711:15am1hr
Sunday March 12,201712:30pm1hr
Sunday March 12,20175:30pm1hr
Monday March 13,20177:00pm1hr
Monday March 13,20178:15pm1hr
Tuesday March 14,20178:15pm1hr
Wednesday March 15,20178:15pm1hr
Thursday March 16,20177:00pm1hr
Thursday March 16,20178:15pm1hr
Tuesday March 21,20178:15pm1hr
Wednesday March 22,20178:15pm1hr
Thursday March 23,20178:15pm1hr
Friday March 24,20177:30pm1hr
Monday March 27,20175:45pm1hr
Monday March 27,20177:00pm1hr
Tuesday March 28,20175:45pm1hr
Tuesday March 28,20177:00pm1hr
Tuesday March 28,20178:15pm1hr
Wednesday March 29,20175:45pm1hr
Wednesday March 29,20177:00pm1hr
Wednesday March 29,20178:15pm1hr
Thursday March 30,20175:45pm1hr
Thursday March 30,20177:00pm1hr
Thursday March 30,20178:15pm1hr
Friday March 31,20176:15pm1hr
Friday March 31,20177:30pm1hr
Saturday April 1,201711:15am1hr
Saturday April 1,201712:30pm1hr
Saturday April 1,20171:45pm1hr
Saturday April 1,20173:00pm1hr
Sunday April 2,20173:00pm1hr
Sunday April 2,20174:15pm1hr
Sunday April 2,20175:30pm1hr
Monday April 3,20175:45pm1hr
Monday April 3,20177:00pm1hr
Monday April 3,20178:15pm1hr
Tuesday April 4,20175:45pm1hr
Tuesday April 4,20177:00pm1hr
Tuesday April 4,20178:15pm1hr
Wednesday April 5,20175:45pm1hr
Wednesday April 5,20177:00pm1hr
Wednesday April 5,20178:15pm1hr
Thursday April 6,20175:45pm1hr
Thursday April 6,20177:00pm1hr
Thursday April 6,20178:15pm1hr
Friday April 7,20176:15pm1hr
Friday April 7,20177:30pm1hr
Saturday April 8,201711:15am1hr
Saturday April 8,201712:30pm1hr
Saturday April 8,20171:45pm1hr
Saturday April 8,20173:00pm1hr
Sunday April 9,20173:00pm1hr
Sunday April 9,20174:15pm1hr
Sunday April 9,20175:30pm1hr
Monday April 10,20175:45pm1hr
Monday April 10,20177:00pm1hr
Monday April 10,20178:15pm1hr
Tuesday April 11,20175:45pm1hr
Tuesday April 11,20177:00pm1hr
Tuesday April 11,20178:15pm1hr
Wednesday April 12,20175:45pm1hr
Wednesday April 12,20177:00pm1hr
Wednesday April 12,20178:15pm1hr
Thursday April 13,20175:45pm1hr
Thursday April 13,20177:00pm1hr
Thursday April 13,20178:15pm1hr
Friday April 14,20176:15pm1hr
Friday April 14,20177:30pm1hr
Saturday April 15,201711:15am1hr
Saturday April 15,201712:30pm1hr
Saturday April 15,20171:45pm1hr
Saturday April 15,20173:00pm1hr