Soccer Registration



As of March 10th the East Selkirk Recreation Association has started making teams. This is why it is important that registration for your child be on time. ESRA has implemented a $25 Late Fee for registrations after March 10th.  We hope that next year you will register on time and avoid the incurred costs of late fees.

To register your child in soccer please be at ESRA arena this Friday March 24th from 5:00 to 6:15.

Any further registrations may not be accepted.

Soccer Registration

LevelYear of BirthDay of WeekESRA MembershipRegistration Fees
Timbits2011, 2012, 2013Monday and Wednesday$25.00$55.00
8 and Under2009 - 2010Monday and Wednesday$25.00$105.00
10 and Under2007 - 2008Tuesday and Thursday$25.00$105.00
12 and Under2005 - 2006Tuesday and Thursday$25.00$105.00
15 and Under2003 - 2004Monday and Wednesday$25.00$105.00
18 and Under1999 - 2002Tuesday and Thursday$25.00$105.00

All registrants, except the timbits, will receive five $5 cash calendars.  The cost of these calendars will be paid up front by each registrant. If you choose to sell the calendars you will keep the $25 as you have already paid for the calendars.