East Selkirk Soccer Program 2017

There will be a Late Registration for soccer this Thursday, March 16th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

All late registrations for soccer or baseball will now require a $25 late fee.

Please use this day to finalize your soccer registrations so we can finalize our teams and get under way! Volunteer Coaches and Referees are a necessity to run our soccer and baseball programs.

Please help East Selkirk’s Spring programs by teaching and leading the youth in their sports.

I would also like to formally welcome Stonewall to our recreational soccer league!

This year promises to be a great year as more improvements and opportunities are on the way. Last year we joined MSA (Manitoba Soccer Association) and were given the opportunity to have training sessions run by MSA and Developmental Tri-S coaches and senior staff. Those who took advantage of these practices (players and coaches) found them fun, informative, and great training sessions. If you have not yet been to our new Training Sessions, don’t worry, we will be doing them again this year.

There will be a recreational fall soccer league (4-5 weeks) starting in late August or early September at a very low cost for any players who register for the spring league. As of now, the games will all be run out of Selkirk but based on numbers we may be able to play out of East Selkirk. Keep this in mind.

Fees for the Spring League from last year will remain the same. Our fundraiser done by 7-18 yr olds was successful as it helped to bring in money for new equipment such as balls, and for the first time each team now has practice cones.
This year we will be doing some improvements on a couple of the new fields and will again be using the East Selkirk School fields for a few games. We will do our best to be clear on field locations.


  1. If you have interest in coaching, please let me know ASAP. We always need more coaches, and you are an invaluable part of this volunteer system. It is a very rewarding experience and NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Myself and many others can assist you through any issues or questions. Thank-you in advance to all coaches who help out
  2. We will be starting record checks this year as a protection for our young athletes. Once I receive the forms, I will pass them on to the coaches
  3. Approved Coaching Clinics will be in April…dates to come. Fees will be waived for coaches of EAST Selkirk Teams!!!
  4. We are eligible to join MSA tournaments and would love to see East Selkirk teams in these tournaments. There is a tournament in May, one in June, and one in August. More details to come.

For more information please contact us at